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Topic outline

  • The vision is to:

    Leverage the research skills of Peoples-uni and Public Health U alumni who are based in a number of frontline and policy organizations in Africa, and join with others, to add to the pertinent educational research in public health and the health sciences in Low and Middle-Income Countries. 

    The goals of this research group include:

    1. An alumni-led identification and prioritization of problems that need to be addressed by the global public health and academic communities through research and evidence;

    2. Creation of ongoing “space” (forums etc) with key policymakers to support and encourage the buy-in from governing organizations of the prioritized problems;

    3. Build ongoing connections with leading Public Health academics (and academic organizations) to develop a research agenda around the prioritized problems;

    4. Utilize the social capital of both the existent alumni network and the invited policy and academic network members to develop actions and strategies around the prioritized areas for action.

    5. Education – to build on the expertise of the Alumni (and similar) to 'snowball' capacity building through online courses (such as the asynchronous courses at and the programs available at Public Health U.

     Gaps that such a research group could fill

    1. Requirement for Public Health research, education, evidence-based practice, and advocacy in developing country populations, using the power of collaboration.

    2. Skills, social and intellectual capital of graduates with MPH are not fully utilized.

    3. Evolution of educational programs such as the ones offered by Public Health U to ensure sustainability and growth to meet the needs of populations in developing countries.

    We encourage anyone who is interested to join and partner with this enterprise.

  • Maternal and Child Health

    This section is to develop a project on Maternal and Child Health. You can contribute to the discussion and follow posts from others. We can upload any documents and working papers here.